Monday, October 16, 2017

Angela March Storyteller : Past“Come on Merrit, it’s our turn. We’re up next...

Angela March Storyteller : Past
“Come on Merrit, it’s our turn. We’re up next...
: Past:  “Come on Merrit, it’s our turn. We’re up next.” She says excitedly twirling around in her fluffy skirt. I stand behind the curtain wa...
“Come on Merrit, it’s our turn. We’re up next.” She says excitedly twirling around in her fluffy skirt.
I stand behind the curtain watching my own personal mirror. She’s not scared, she’s not frightened of the crowd. She walks over and grabs my hand, “It’s okay, they love us, everybody loves us.” She says swishing her ponytail of ringlets, “We’re special, we’re twins.”
I shake my head and grab the curtain tighter. She leans in close, “You can be me and I’ll be you. It’ll be just like we practiced at home.”
I take my sister’s hand, trusting her.
My stomach twists as we walk out on the stage. Amelia holding my hand and pulling a flower covered frame beside her. She lets go of the frame, takes my hand and bows to the delight of the crowd that has gathered for our elementary graduation talent show. We take our places looking at each other through the frame. She smiles at me, “Merrit, you ready?”
I nod my head, “Ready.” I’m so scared, but I know my sister loves me and would never let anything bad happen. She loves me, and I love her… we’re best friends and best sisters’ Identical twins. I know everything will always be okay, because we have each other, forever and ever…

The music cues and we strike our pose, mimicking each other’s movements through the frame.
Mirror, Mirror who is looking at you?
We’re twins, that’s who
We’re twins, yes sir… yes ma’am that’s who I am…That’s who she is, or is it me?
I am me, she is she
Except when we pretend I’m her or she’s me.
And when we switch, which do you see?
You can’t tell which is which when we switch
You don’t know who you’re talking to
‘Cause we’re identical ‘dentical ‘dentical
Identical twins…
I follow her lead watching her through the mirror and think how beautiful she is, how beautiful her pink dress is, her smile still proud even though her front teeth are missing. Her dark hair bouncing along with our song. My sister is the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s mine, all mine.
We appear alike
We know, we’re nowhere near alike
She’s sweet
She’s sassy – What does that mean?
You’re busy watching us!
We’re watching you to guess who.
You’re wrong, you’re right
Says you! – It’s two! Me and you…
It’s not – It’s two!
Twins, twins, twins, twins…
Identical twins… That’s us!
Then it was over, she spins me around and we bow. She giggles and grabs me and then the frame before skipping off the stage. She stops just past the curtains, “I told you they would love us!” she spins me around giggling. “We’re superstars. I bet we won!”
I hope she wins, she’s the star.
A bright flash wakes me. “Merrit, it’s storming.”
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Watch Me Watching You: A Psychological Thriller #Twins #Identical #angelamarchbooks #SiblingRivalry
Worst of all, I suffered a broken heart that tragic day. That’s the one thing doctors can’t repair. They can fix your broken bones, stitch up your skin, but they can’t erase the memories.
They say time heals your spirit, I don’t believe that.In life when something so horrific happens, you never forget. Your outside wounds may heal, but your insides are forever broken.
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